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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In the Beginning...

So this is my first post. Not much new, I guess this will just be a test. I went to the CAMP office yesterday (tuesday) and talked to Marcos Sanchez, the director of CAMP. He's a pretty cool guy, (turns out he knows my mom) and he told me he would help me with whatever he could. I went to the CAMP meeting and he let me announce my intent to interview as many students as possible. The class had 40 to fifty students in it. I stil have to narrow down the questions I'm going to ask. If you are wondering what my question is I'll post my prompt soon. For now, I just wanted to see if this thing worked.


Meanwhile, if you are interested in my reading for the class, here it is:
Horning, Alice S. "Digital Critical Literacy for Generation 1.5 and Everyone Else."
Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal 4.3 (Nov 2004): 134-44.
(Download as PDF)